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The B9Creator® 3D Printer: What Will You Create?

The B9Creator® 3D Printer can build objects as large as belt buckles or as detailed as a tiny filigree ring, with precision typically possible only on machines costing three to five times as much. In addition, because DLP technology exposes an entire build layer at a time, total build times for most objects is normally between two to five times faster than other comparable technologies.

Another unique advantage of this system is that the output resin, unlike that of photo-polymers in general, is proven to be directly castable when cured properly.

The current version of the B9Creator® 3D Printer, designated v1.2, features the following enhancements:

  • A new "HD" Projector with a brighter lamp, allowing for resolution as fine as 30 microns!
  • Improved mechanical design for simpler assembly and increased print precision.
  • Improved software features for greater ease of use.

Concurrent with this latest hardware, we anticipate the release of additional resin materials capable of higher definition while retaining the castability of B9R1-Red, as well as "extremely fast" resins for quickly creating items that have no "lost wax" requirements.

The B9Creator® is being offered in two versions, as a kit which will require user assembly, and as an assembled machine including some consumables and extra parts. Please see our FAQ for current pricing.


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